Monday, 30 July 2012

An Award For My 50th Follower!

Hi friends here is an announcement for your all-right now I have 49 followers,just one follower away from 50,so you can well understand how desperate I am to get my 50th follower :D 

Whoever becomes my 50th follower will get a special follower  award,I will follow back along with a chance to get interviewed by me which I will publish immediately along with the 50th follower's blog link :)
Please tell your friends if you are reading this!!!!

Bye friends :) :) :)


  1. I hope you get your 50th follower soon.=^..^=

    1. Thanks,I got my 50th follower :D

  2. Hello I am jade Abby's American girl she was your 50th follower!!!!!

  3. i am really sorry i used the wrong account i used my humans sisters account

  4. Aww that's okay Jade,I am very happy to have Abby as my 50th follower!!:)Soon I will take her interview and give her the "50 th follower" award!:D I already followed her as per my promise!

  5. Hi Asmita! Its Grace! My american girl, Nicki has a blog and you did follow it but you don't anymore :( Do you still like her blog?

  6. Yup I like it nd I love it! Did you see the post where I gave you the award? I don't think,I unfollowed it was done by mistake i think :(


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