Monday, 30 July 2012

An Award For My 50th Follower!

Hi friends here is an announcement for your all-right now I have 49 followers,just one follower away from 50,so you can well understand how desperate I am to get my 50th follower :D 

Whoever becomes my 50th follower will get a special follower  award,I will follow back along with a chance to get interviewed by me which I will publish immediately along with the 50th follower's blog link :)
Please tell your friends if you are reading this!!!!

Bye friends :) :) :)

Interview with Hannah from AG FUN!

Hi friends today I am gonna post my good friend Hannah Wright's (AG FUN) interview :) :) Enjoy reading! You can find her great blog at:AG FUN :)

Q1:What is your name and how old are you? My name is Hannah and I am 15.

Q2:When did you start your blog "AG FUN "? My sister and I started our blog in October 2010.

Q3:What inspired you to start this blog? Liz's American Girl Fan blog, I think it is so cool!

Q4:Do you have any other blog from this blog? Yes a bunch! You can look on my profile page. :)

Q5:What is the best thing about blogging?  I love just being able to express myself with words and meet nice people!

Q6:How many AG dolls do you have? I have 5.

Q7:What are the dolls in your AG wishlist? Rebecca definitely!

Q8:Name your most favourite 5 AG blogs:Liz's, Rose's , Jessica's, AGMarket's, and Priya's!

Q9:Would you like to give any tips to the AG bloggers? Just be yourself! :)

Thank you Hannah for giving this interview! I had lots of fun talking to you :)

Monday Poll Results!

Hi friends,this week poll result-Winner is Rebecca Rubin with 9 votes!!! :D

Second came Julie with 4 votes!!!! :) :) 

Bye for now,I will post this week's poll now keep voting :) Check back every monday for the poll please! 

PS:Sorry friends for not being able to post the poll as when I try to create a new poll they say"Try correcting the errors on the page" which is soo weird,hope I can post it soon :(

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sunday Collage #3

Hi friends,hope you remember today is my Sunday Collage day :) Here is the collage for your to take a look at.I really had lots of fun making the collage!
Let me know how do you like it,waiting for your feedback! Have a rocking Sunday :) 

Bye for now!! :D

Friday, 27 July 2012

Fashion Friday # 1

Hi friends today I am gonna share some fashion tips for your AG dolls,hope you like them:) Btw every Friday there will be a "Fashion Friday" post from now onwards :) Don't forget to check back :)
In this pic Mcky is wearing a skirt and top as you can see,now let me tell you from where I got it :D Can you guess it?
Let me reveal the secret now- What I did was I bought a pair of new born socks from the baby section of a famous shop in a mall btw I got a discount also :p finally I cut one sock into halves nd made a top,skirt and a neck warmer out of it :D :D :D
And the final result is in front of you all :) I think Mckenna looks pretty cool,what do you say AG Gals? 

Bye for now!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

One Month Anniversary Post By McKenna

Beautiful me !!!!
Hi gorgeous AG dolls, this is your fave McKenna here,Asmita is in school,today is her English grade,I have a doubt about how well she will do :/ If it was me I would have got 100 out of 100 for sure :D ;D Heheee jokes apart...she will scold me once she is back from school !!!!Anyways I have a great news to share with you dolls,don't forget to inform your owners,in the mean time if you are alone at home,just turn the laptop on and comment on my post ;);)
Today I am celebrating with lots of chocolates...yummm yummm !!
Today we have completed one month of blogging!!!! Can you believe it ??? And we have 48 awesome blossom FOLLOWERS now,Asmita says "they are the best followers on this earth"!!!!!! Muuuaahhh from your ravishing Mcky to all of you beautiful (not more than me though) AG gals :D
Thank you so much for all the support,we love you all!!Btw please please follow us,we just need 2 more followers to reach 50 :);):)

Lots Of Love
McKenna Brooks

Shopping Wednesday

Hi friends I decided to post about things that I buy every week for McKenna on Wednesdays,today is the first shopping Wednesday post :D
Here is one cool journal and a pair of pretty hair clips,take a look :)

Thats all for today,check back every Wednesday :) :) :)  

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A Guest Post By Emma Wright

Hi friends today I am gonna post a guest post by my good friend Emma Wright of AG FUN :) Enjoy reading!

Hi!  I'm Emma!  My blogs are: and  Today I am guest posting for Asmita!  Thanks Asmita for letting me!
So.  What to post about.  I decided that I should post about the doll I really want...McKenna!

McKenna is a beautiful doll, based off of the reviews, posts, and pictures I have seen of her.  I love her hair, her outfits, and her BED!!!  Her bed is ah-mazing!!!  I love it, and I would love to have it! :)

Well, thank you Asmita for letting me guest post- I had a lot of fun!

It was my pleasure Emma to have you on my blog :D Would love to love to have many more guest-posts from you in the future! 
Anyone who is interested in guest-posting on my blog can email me at :)

Monday, 23 July 2012

An Interview With Katie Rain

Hi friends today I am posting my friend Katie Rain's interview,It was so much fun talking to her :)

Q1:What is your name and how old are u?  Katie Rain, I am 10
Q2:When did you start ur blog "Mckenna Girl Of The Year"? May 2012
Q3:What inspired you to start this blog? I have always loved taking pictures of McKenna so idecided I wanted to share them with this blog.
Q4:Do you have any other blog apart from this blog? Yes, Dolly Doctor's Ofiice, Our Dolls' Lives, and Camp AG.
Q5:What is the best think about blogging? Meeting new friends!
Q6:How many AG dolls do you have? 1
Q7:What are the dolls in your AG wishlist?  MAG #47, MAG #38, and Ivy
Q8:Name your favourite 5 AG blogs AG Girl Forever, AG Fun, American Girl Fan, Doll Diaries, and Pretty Lilly an american girl
Q9:Would you like to give any tips to the AG bloggers? 
If you post a lot everyday people will come to your blog more.

Thank you Katie Rain :D

Monday Poll Results #2

Hi friends,here I come again to announce the Monday poll results-Mckenna won with 12 votes,Mia came second with 7 votes,Lanie got 3 votes,Kanani and Chrissa both got 2 votes each :) 

Now I am gonna post the new poll,don't forget to check it out nd vote :) 
Today afternoon I am gonna post Katie Rain's interview :) Read it and please comment on it! Bye for now :)

**Hey friends blogger  doesn't let me create the new poll as 12 hours is still left, sorry for the inconvenience :(** 

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sunday Collage # 2

Hi friends hope you remember that today is my "Sunday Collage" day:)Sorry for the late post :(
Here is the collage for you to take a look at-
Tell me how do you like my Mcky in this cool deep blue shirt dress,I think the colour blue goes so well with her eye colour.I always love to accessorise her with funky hair clips,pretty bracelets etc! I haven't painted her nail yet,to tell you the truth I am not sure whether the chemical present in the nail colour would harm her or not.Let me know how you like to style your AG dolls :D

My AG gals,please don't forget to comment as Mckenna really gets upset otherwise :) 

For anyone who is reading my blog for the first time I would like to tell that my rule is to FOLLOW BACK & COMMENT BACK!!!!:D So keep following and commenting on my blog :D :D

Bye for now,my awesome friends!!!! :)

Friday, 20 July 2012

McKenna The Foodie

OMG today,after coming back from the school ,I found Mckenna trying to eat a jelly,a chocolate and a nutella,all real food, can you imagine? How naughty she became these days,I wonder how she did get a hold of our real food!!!!! Hmmmmmmmmmm any ways how can I leave this rare opportunity to click my naughty Mcky ,so here I turn my camera on................
Mcky trying to make a inncocent face all of a sudden!Can't fool me though.
Here are the food stuff she intends to eat :D
Mcky,be a good girl now,and give those food stuff back to me,okay!!!Those are human food,you are not supposed to have them sweetheart,I promise I will get you lots of AG food soon which you can have a feast on later :D :D :D

Hey friends I have now 36 awesome blossom followers,but I need more,right now I need 4 to reach 40 :) So please help,without your help I can never reach my goal,please tell your friends to follow me,and if they have a blog,give me the link,I WILL FOLLOW BACK!!!!

Drop your comments,your comments mean a lot to me, my AG gals!:)

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A Guest-Post By Katie Rain

Mckenna Rain by Katie 
Hi I am Mckenna Rain from Mckenna Girl Of The Year! Thank you so much to my good friends Asmita and Mckenna for letting me do this guest-post. My favorite thing about this blog is that there are always adorable photo shoots of Mckenna on here,and I love to look at them. Well,that is my guest post. Keep up the great work Asmita!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Little Editing Goes A Long Way!

Hi friends,last night I had a little fun photo-shoot with my Mckenna,she is so much fun to shoot with. After the shoot I decided to experiment with editing tools on windows photo gallery,here are the pics take a look and tell me which one do you like the most? 
This is the black nd white one :) Don't you think it has a old world charm in it?
This one I didn't change anything except increasing a bit of saturation !!
This one with the blueish tinge is my personal favourite.Did you notice her eyeballs are lighter in this.But my mom says her eyes look scary in this,heheheeee:D :D What do you think,AG gals?

Have a rocking Wednesday!!!!!!!!Btw I need more followers to reach 40,so please follow my blog and comment,as you already know I will always comment and follow back :)

Monday, 16 July 2012

Monday Poll Result

The winner of my last Monday poll is Mckenna's Loft Bed which got 12 votes,2nd is Julie's bed with 4 votes,Dreamy Day Bed got 3 votes nd Molly's bed got 1 vote :) 

Thank you everyone for participating~ Now I am gonna this monday's poll please vote :)

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Sunday Collage #1

Hi everyone,I decided to post a collage of Mckenna every Sunday :) Here is the first one,every week you will get to see a cool collage of my beautiful Mcky so don't forget to check it out every Sunday!
Have a rocking sunday AG fans :D Don't forget to comment,bc I love to comment back!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

McKenna's Mermaid Photoshoot

Hi everyone,firstly I would like to thank all my awesome followers for helping me to reach my target of this week - 30 followers !!:D Your comments,and support mean a lot to me,without your love and affection I would have never reached my goal so soon.

Yesterday evening I had a little fun with Mcky for a photo-shoot,the theme was Mermaid,I made Mcky wear one of my fave tees "sea sun and fun",as you can guess my tee was so long that it covered her legs and made a circle around her feet,which gave me the idea of imagining her as a pretty mermaid...McKenna looks beautiful in all the pics,here I am sharing a few with you,take a look and tell me how do you like her in these pics!!:D 

My McKenna is really good at pretend play,we had hours of fun together...........McKy pretends that she doesn't have any legs like a real mermaid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
Shooting with McKenna is so much fun,she is a beauty,I love to style her silky hair and I wish to have lots of cute clothes for her as nothing like dressing up your fave AG doll!!:D
Bye friends,that's all for now! 

Monday, 9 July 2012

Posted By Mckenna

Hello AG lovers, it's Mckenna your fave ag here, the GOTY 2012 who you just can't stop admiring!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I just can't stop praising myself these days,ohhhhh I am sooooooo famous,I am sooooo beautiful nd  sooo intelligent,in your human language  beauty with the brains :D Anyways today Asmita my owner (we are sisters to be precise) is in school and her mom left the laptop open by mistake, I grabbed this opportunity to talk to my fans,below I am posting some interesting pics of my bedroom that Asmita clicked a few days ago-

My bed neatly made by me well ummmmm not exactly.............had to take lil help from Asmita :/But you know I am a cleanliness freak so I just can't see untidy bed,we dolls are much better at cleaning things than humans!!!!!!!!!!! 

In this pic,you can see me arranging my dresser actually Asmita clicked me unaware here, OMG she is so naughty, always tries to click me in various poses to become famous!!!!!!!!!!!! Btw do u see the poster behind me,well ummmmm I do have a crush on JUSTINE BIEBER OMG he is sooo talented like me, isn't he? 

This one was clicked when my room was done,that's my teddy,and my doodle on the bed.AG lovers how do you like my hairstyle in this pic? :) Btw does any of u like zombies,I just love them they are soo much fun...................someday I will talk about my likes nd dislikes very soon when Asmita is in her school! Wait for my next post until then get bored by Asmita, hehehee :D :D :D


Mckenna Brooks~

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Celebrating 20 Followers With McKenna

Hi friends,this weekend McKenna asked for a few stuff,here is the pic that shows she is holding her list,just look at that cute face and beautiful blue eyes could I not get her the things she asked for :D
McKenna with her list !

McKenna was very excited to get all the cool stuff that she asked for !

This is the alarm clock that I got for my sweet McKenna !

As you can see McKenna was veryyyyyyyyyyyyy happy to receive all the cute lil thingies that I bought her this weekend.I would love to know what was the last thing (non AG) that you bought for your AG doll.Please leave your valuable comment,as I really need your love and support to make my blog popular.

*Btw I wanna share a very happy news with you all,today my blog achieved a goal of getting 20 followers,isn't it amazing?It's not even a month that I started this blog,I WANNA THANK ALL MY FOLLOWERS FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART :) I wanna take the name of my 1st follower
Katie Rain and my 20th follower Dakota and everyone else in between who followed my blog.Thanks to Emma,Georgia,Katie,Allyssa for their sweet comments !!!!*

Now I wanna reach "30 followers" goal,anybody who is reading this post but hasn't followed me yet,please follow me so that I could achieve my goal fast!!!I would love to follow you back :D Thanx!!!!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Hi friends I am posting a lil collage of my McKenna's head shots,the other day when McKenna was super bored she asked me to shoot her,she got ready super fast I mean usually she never lets us do her hair easily but that day she was very sweet and well mannered,OMG she wore her meet outfit in a jiffy,borrowed a hair clip from me and some make up too,she even asked my mom to do her hair!!!!!:D :D :D


Monday, 2 July 2012

McKenna Goes To School

Hi everyone, my summer vacation is just over so is Mckenna's. Here are few pics that show how cool my Mckenna looks when she is ready for school ;)

Omg do you see how secretly McKenna is taking a comic to her school along with her Innerstar University binder and other usual school stuff,hmmmmm!!!!:D I read a lot of Archie comics these days,after I finish reading I always make a few tiny comics for Mcky by cutting the ads they publish abt their interesting forthcoming issues.
I would like to know how do you make books/comic/magazines for your AGs ? 

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Cool New AG Stuff for Special Needs

Hi friends AG has launched some cool new stuff like Hearing aids, Dolls without hair and Allery-free lunch :)
Bellow are the pics of them:

I think AG has really done a great job by launching these products,as it shows that AG really cares to make the doll world more beautiful and more compassionate  :)

Many of the girls have hearing aid it will be great if their dolls can have one too!
The dolls without hair is an excellent concept too,in my opinion.
The allergy-free lunch seems awesome blossom :D

LOVE AG :) :) :)