Wednesday, 11 July 2012

McKenna's Mermaid Photoshoot

Hi everyone,firstly I would like to thank all my awesome followers for helping me to reach my target of this week - 30 followers !!:D Your comments,and support mean a lot to me,without your love and affection I would have never reached my goal so soon.

Yesterday evening I had a little fun with Mcky for a photo-shoot,the theme was Mermaid,I made Mcky wear one of my fave tees "sea sun and fun",as you can guess my tee was so long that it covered her legs and made a circle around her feet,which gave me the idea of imagining her as a pretty mermaid...McKenna looks beautiful in all the pics,here I am sharing a few with you,take a look and tell me how do you like her in these pics!!:D 

My McKenna is really good at pretend play,we had hours of fun together...........McKy pretends that she doesn't have any legs like a real mermaid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
Shooting with McKenna is so much fun,she is a beauty,I love to style her silky hair and I wish to have lots of cute clothes for her as nothing like dressing up your fave AG doll!!:D
Bye friends,that's all for now! 


  1. Cute! Love the photos! :)

  2. She looks beautiful! I love how you dressed her in one of your pieces of clothing.


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