Sunday, 8 July 2012

Celebrating 20 Followers With McKenna

Hi friends,this weekend McKenna asked for a few stuff,here is the pic that shows she is holding her list,just look at that cute face and beautiful blue eyes could I not get her the things she asked for :D
McKenna with her list !

McKenna was very excited to get all the cool stuff that she asked for !

This is the alarm clock that I got for my sweet McKenna !

As you can see McKenna was veryyyyyyyyyyyyy happy to receive all the cute lil thingies that I bought her this weekend.I would love to know what was the last thing (non AG) that you bought for your AG doll.Please leave your valuable comment,as I really need your love and support to make my blog popular.

*Btw I wanna share a very happy news with you all,today my blog achieved a goal of getting 20 followers,isn't it amazing?It's not even a month that I started this blog,I WANNA THANK ALL MY FOLLOWERS FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART :) I wanna take the name of my 1st follower
Katie Rain and my 20th follower Dakota and everyone else in between who followed my blog.Thanks to Emma,Georgia,Katie,Allyssa for their sweet comments !!!!*

Now I wanna reach "30 followers" goal,anybody who is reading this post but hasn't followed me yet,please follow me so that I could achieve my goal fast!!!I would love to follow you back :D Thanx!!!!


  1. I am trying to get 20 too. I have 17 so far. So please check out my blog and follow it if you are reading this and have not followed me yet. Thank you so much Asmita! I am so happy we are friends!

    1. You are welcome Katie :) I am also very happy that we are friends and I really love to visit ur blog nd comment everyday!
      I hope you get 20 follower soon :D

  2. Since I can't message you anywhere else, sorry, I can't respond to your message on AGFMB, because I'm banned. Nice blog, though.

    1. Hi lauren,thanks for the message nd liking my blog :)

  3. The last thing I bought was a cute purple bracelet. I used to be on YouTube called acroally, and the day you replied to my comment I ran around screaming because I was so excited that you read it. Also, I'm really excited because I'm getting McKenna in a few months for my 10th B-day, just like you! I am going to start making AG videos in the name of WalkoverGirl100, please check them out. I hope McKenna likes my comment, do you think she might be able to type a reply?
    Your biggest fan. .......
    Alex xxxx

  4. Please follow my blog(


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