Friday, 20 July 2012

McKenna The Foodie

OMG today,after coming back from the school ,I found Mckenna trying to eat a jelly,a chocolate and a nutella,all real food, can you imagine? How naughty she became these days,I wonder how she did get a hold of our real food!!!!! Hmmmmmmmmmm any ways how can I leave this rare opportunity to click my naughty Mcky ,so here I turn my camera on................
Mcky trying to make a inncocent face all of a sudden!Can't fool me though.
Here are the food stuff she intends to eat :D
Mcky,be a good girl now,and give those food stuff back to me,okay!!!Those are human food,you are not supposed to have them sweetheart,I promise I will get you lots of AG food soon which you can have a feast on later :D :D :D

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  1. I loved this post, it was so funny! :) Naughty McKenna, LOL! I will add you to my 'Links' page. :)

  2. That's cute! Lucky for me and *Moondust* our dolls haven't found the real food yet... ;)
    Have a wonderful Friday!

    1. Lol,Thanks :) Have a rocking Saturday!

  3. Aww the pictures are soooooooooo cute!! :D I just love your blog it's sooooooooo cute! And that lunchbox set you made is so cute! I ecspecially love the nutella! Awesome post!

    1. Thanks a lot,Yup nutella looks so yummyy :)


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