Monday, 30 July 2012

Interview with Hannah from AG FUN!

Hi friends today I am gonna post my good friend Hannah Wright's (AG FUN) interview :) :) Enjoy reading! You can find her great blog at:AG FUN :)

Q1:What is your name and how old are you? My name is Hannah and I am 15.

Q2:When did you start your blog "AG FUN "? My sister and I started our blog in October 2010.

Q3:What inspired you to start this blog? Liz's American Girl Fan blog, I think it is so cool!

Q4:Do you have any other blog from this blog? Yes a bunch! You can look on my profile page. :)

Q5:What is the best thing about blogging?  I love just being able to express myself with words and meet nice people!

Q6:How many AG dolls do you have? I have 5.

Q7:What are the dolls in your AG wishlist? Rebecca definitely!

Q8:Name your most favourite 5 AG blogs:Liz's, Rose's , Jessica's, AGMarket's, and Priya's!

Q9:Would you like to give any tips to the AG bloggers? Just be yourself! :)

Thank you Hannah for giving this interview! I had lots of fun talking to you :)


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    1. Great interviews! I enjoy them and your blog. Thanks for following mine!

    2. Thanks for following and liking my blog :) Your welcome,your is blog is awesome :)


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