Monday, 9 July 2012

Posted By Mckenna

Hello AG lovers, it's Mckenna your fave ag here, the GOTY 2012 who you just can't stop admiring!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I just can't stop praising myself these days,ohhhhh I am sooooooo famous,I am sooooo beautiful nd  sooo intelligent,in your human language  beauty with the brains :D Anyways today Asmita my owner (we are sisters to be precise) is in school and her mom left the laptop open by mistake, I grabbed this opportunity to talk to my fans,below I am posting some interesting pics of my bedroom that Asmita clicked a few days ago-

My bed neatly made by me well ummmmm not exactly.............had to take lil help from Asmita :/But you know I am a cleanliness freak so I just can't see untidy bed,we dolls are much better at cleaning things than humans!!!!!!!!!!! 

In this pic,you can see me arranging my dresser actually Asmita clicked me unaware here, OMG she is so naughty, always tries to click me in various poses to become famous!!!!!!!!!!!! Btw do u see the poster behind me,well ummmmm I do have a crush on JUSTINE BIEBER OMG he is sooo talented like me, isn't he? 

This one was clicked when my room was done,that's my teddy,and my doodle on the bed.AG lovers how do you like my hairstyle in this pic? :) Btw does any of u like zombies,I just love them they are soo much fun...................someday I will talk about my likes nd dislikes very soon when Asmita is in her school! Wait for my next post until then get bored by Asmita, hehehee :D :D :D


Mckenna Brooks~


  1. Hey Asmita!
    I am now gonna follow you too! :) Thanks so much for following us!!!!

    ---Gracie and VKpixie

    1. Hi Gracie & VKpixie,
      You are most welcome!:D And thanx a lot for following me!!!


  2. Cute! I love your blog, I am definitely following! Thanks for following us!

    1. Thank YOU so much for liking my blog and following:)YW :D


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