Thursday, 24 January 2013

Mckenna's Birthday!!!

Hi friends,how are you all? Today I am here to show you Mckenna's b-day pics :D We celebrated her birthday on 19th January,that was the day we got Mckenna!!

Here you can see Mckenna cutting her chocolate cake with her gifts around. Her friend Amelia is there aswell :D
Mckenna with her new doll :) :)
This is Mckenna's dog Peanut who is busy sniffing the gifts! LOL :)

A beautiful head-shot of Mckenna! <3 <3

That's all for now!! Thanks a lot for 10,000 page views and 142 followers :) ~

Bye friends :D <3 :)

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Saige is HERE~

Hi friends,its me Asmita here!
I will give you all my opinions and updates about GOTY 2013 Saige Copeland....

So meet Saige,she is a spirited girl who draws on her passion to inspire action! She is really cute bright turquoise eyes which of course can open and close :p The most cool and different think about her is the artsy blue ring she comes with,I am sure its the first time a AG doll has a ring and has her ears pre pierced aswell!!
That was a close up of the beautiful ring,she comes with!

Its a delight to see Saige's gorgeous face with the cute freckles and blue eyes :D 

Lets start with what items Saige has-
First are her Pajamas they are so cute and they suit her well and that's the best part so below is a pic of Saige's Pajamas :)

Next is Saige's dog,its adorable but I don't think its better than Mckenna's dog-Cooper! The name of Saige's dog is Rembrandt,a unusual name I think,lets see a pic of him below-

Third is Saige's Parade Outfit,I think its great and different! My fave item is the shirt!! Lets see a pic of it below-

Fourth comes Paige's Sparkle Dress,I think its the best item in her collection. The golden boots make the outfit really pretty. I would love to buy it soon! Below is a pic of it-

How could I forget Saige's 

Accessories, they are great but in comparison to Mckenna's they are not so great~ Take a look at her Accessories below-

Next I am really excited for Saige's Hot Air Balloon Set!! I have no words to describe the set so take a look at it below-

The things coming with the hot hair balloon set is quite great aswell!!
Last but not the least comes Saige's Sweater oufir and her Painting set! I think the Art set would have been priced 30 dollars as 50 dollars is too high :p Okay so see the pic-

She looks really cool in this picture :D :D :D

That's All for now,please you all also let me know about ur opinions on GOTY 2013 Saige ;) ;)