Sunday, 30 September 2012

My First Attempt at Making Clay Food

Hi friendsthe other day I was super bored,didn't know what to do,finally a idea popped up in my mind!!! I wanted to create some dolly food for Mckenna with polymer clay,I had 4 or 4 colours of clay at home which are air-drying,after struggling with the clay for a while this is what it turned out! Here is the pic-

The Rainbow Macaroon Cake :D
This was my first attempt in clay food-making,let me know how you like it! 

Mckenna was super happy to have such a yummyy cake lol :p
She demanded for some more clay food,so I had to sit with the clay again,here is the result-

A mini pizza,chips and chesse dip,a candy and a moon-merry cake :) :) :) :) 

Mckenna having vanilla ice-cream
In the above picture,you can see Mckenna enjoying her delicious vanilla ice-cream which is made by me of course with white polymer clay!

Thats all for now,have a great day :)

Bye friends :D <3

Friday, 28 September 2012

Asmita's Fave Links-I got Tagged and a Mini Dolly Interview By Delores

Hi friends,its Friday and time for Asmita's Fave links! So these are the fave 5 links for this week-

1.Lake Tahoe Pictures-By Danielle,I love all the pics :)
2.Photo Shoot!-By Gracie,cool photo-shoot ;)
3.Surprise! A fun find!-By Delaney,such an awesome find an doll car :D :D
4.A Ray of Stitches~Giveaway-By Rose,go checkout Rose's blog she is having a giveaway!
5.Kit's Photoshoot-By Dakota-Kit looks adorable in all the pics,can't choose a favourite....

I got tagged again by Delaney from the blog-Delaney Loves AG

11 things about me-
1.I am a very girly girl
2.I like painting
3.I love to read books
4.I love to write stories
5.AG dolls are the best dolls ever I think ;)
6.I am crazy :p
7.I have a big sweet tooth!
8.My favourite subject at school is English!
9.Most of the time ,I am bored!
11.I like pink and pizza :D

The questions-

1.Do you like school? Yup :)
2.If you could be an AG doll,who would it be? GOTY Chrissa
3.Favorite Doll? Don't know :p
4.Dolls on your wish-list? MAG #25 only at the moment!
5.Favorite doll brand? Besides AG? Barbie I guess.
6.Hunger Games,Harry Potter or Twilight? Uhh,not any of them!
7.girly or tomboy or in between? Girly of course
8.Pink or Green? Pink
9.indoors or outdoors? indoors
10.favorite doll outfit? Sweet savannah outfit
11:Are you bored? Nope! 

I tag-

My questions-
1.Do you like watching tv or surfing the net?
2.Who is your fave AG doll?
3.Italian or Chinese?
4.Cola or sprite?
5.Do you own a phone?
6.When do you wake up in the morning?
7.Fave chocolate?
8.What is your fave holiday destination in the world?
9.Do you like studying?

I can't think of anymore questions :p

Now the dolly interview with Jessie's doll Delores starts:

Q1:What is your fave colour? Bright Blue!
Q2:Fave Food? Hm,I don't have one!
Q3:Fave Dessert? Pie and Ice-cream!! :)
Q4:Do you have any siblings? Nope :(
Q5:What is the name of your owner (mom)? Jessie
Q6:What are your hobbies? Reading,chatting and singing.
Q7:How old are you? 11
Q8:Which school do you go to? I am homeschooled once a week miss asmita teaches me!

Thats all for now,Have a great day :)

Bye friends :D <3

Thursday, 27 September 2012

I am Tagged By Dakota-My Good friend :)

Hi friends,I just saw that I got tagged my by good friend Dakota from American Girl Garden :) The rules are-

1 of your dolls:Mckenna,I only have her :p
2 of your favourite activities: Dancing and photograhy
3 random facts about you:I love the season winter,I hate insects and I am a very girly girl!

1.Answer the person who tagged your questions-
Here are Dakota's questions-
1.What is your favorite AG outfit?
Ans-My fave AG outfit is the sweet savanna outfit :)
2.What kind of chocolate do you like best?  (White,Milk,Dark etc)
Ans:I like milk chocolate the best.
3.What is your favorite AG meet outfit?
Ans-My favorite AG meet outfit is Chrissa's meet outfit :)

2.One person who tagged you-Dakota Thanks a lot dear Dakota :D
3.Tag two people-

Each time use previous tagger's questions!
Now go and comment on their sites to let them know they are tagged!

Thats all for now,Have a great day,afternoon or night :) 

Bye friends :D <3

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wednesday Sharing #3 and Kit Trivia

Hi friends,its Wednesday and time for Wednesday Sharing! This week I got 2 pictures! First is from Rose and second one is from Delaney :)

Beautiful picture of Nikki,the truth is she is always beautiful <3

Emily looks cool while relaxing on her bed ;)

I decided to post a surprise today but I am busy so the surprise post will be postponed to Friday or Saturday! 
Today I had a tinychat where I had a Kit Trivia,Rose won it by answering all the questions right!

Q1:What is the full name of Kit?
Ans-Margaret Mildred Kittredge 
Q2:Name Kit's Dad!
Ans-Jack Kittredge
Q3:In which year was Kit born?

You can come on my tinychat to have great trivias! I am mostly there! :) :) :) 
Thats all for now,have a great day.

Bye friends :D <3

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Interview by Dakota from American Girl Garden and The Results of my Poll

Hi friends :) Today I am gonna post the interview by Dakota from American Girl Garden,you should definitely checkout her blog its great and I love her Collage Mondays and the results of my poll :) So below read her great interview:

Q1:What is your name and how old are you? 1. My name is Dakota (Kota for short) and I am thirteen years old!

Q2:When did you start blogging? I started in April of 2012. April 16th, I think!

Q3: What is your fave part about blogging?  I like the photography! It's so fun to take pictures of my dolls, and I like all the nice comments I get! It's so nice to hear that people like what you write and it makes it all worth it, even on hard days!

Q4: From 1 to 10 rate your blog-  Hm... in the beginning, a kind 5. The pictures weren't that good. Now, a 7 at least!

Q5:What are your fave colours?  Blue, green, and purple! I like McKenna's colors, which are most of the ones I listed! :)

Q6:How many AG dolls do you own and what are their names? I own seven! Kit, Ruthie, Kirsten, Gwen, Lanie, Marie-Grace, and McKenna!

Q7: Do you think AG items are over-priced? In some circumstances, yes. McKenna's Boots and Umbrella are very overpriced and from what I hear, low quality, and some of their outfits are, as well. However, I don't think the dolls are, or the books. The books are about the same price as (or less) than books you would get at Barnes and Noble.

Q8: A best collab with a blogger- Jessie, You, and Kassidy's blog AG Fun Spot!

Q9: A worst collab with a blogger:I've only done one, so there is no least! :)

Q10:How many blogs do you own?  I own one, but I want to start one or two private blogs soon, but that's all I'm saying! :)

Thank you again, Asmita, for the interview! I have been considering starting interviews, and you will be one of the first that I would interview. I love your blog and can't wait to see the interview on your blog! I'll make a post about it!

Your welcome and thanks for all of your kind words :) 
The winner of my poll-Who is your fave AG pet? Is................................................................................................................................................................................ MEATLOAF with 11 votes! Cooper got 6 votes,Sugar and Coconut both got 5 votes and Licorice got only 1 vote :(

Thats all for now,have a great day :) :) :) I would like to say I have made really two great friends or best friends here which are Delaney from Delaney Loves AG and Jessie from AG fun spot,you two rock :D :D 
Bye friends :D <3

Sunday, 23 September 2012

AG tutoring by Email #4 and Daughter's Day Card

Hola Amigos :) I have learned some spanish ;) So lets move on to our AG tutoring!There is a new student who is Raine! The teaching will start with my Mckenna she will studying and her teacher will be Miss Jessie,then Delores and last will be our new student Raine Sunshine :)!

Mckenna:Hello Miss Jessie its your student here :)
Miss Jessie:Hello Mckenna! (I am being careful not to say Kenna) :p
Mckenna:Oh :p Start our class Miss! 
Miss Jessie:OK,I will teach you Art!

Q1:If I mix red and blue,what do we get?
Q2:What happens when you mix brown and yellow?
Answer:Is it black?
Q3:What do you get if you mix pink and green?
Answer:Light shade of brown...
You get an A! Exellent job dear :) 

Miss Asmita: Hello Delores,we will study history today :)
Delores:OK,Miss Asmita!!

Q1:What is the subject history about?
Answer:Our past?
Q2:Who was the first president of America?
Answer: George Washington!
Q3:50! I know my country too tell :p
You get an A+ Delores,you know the history of your country well :)

 So do you all know today is Daughter's day :) :) :) My mom gave me a handmade card and a box of chocolates! Below are pics of the card- 
 Thanks a lot for 5000 page views,I am gonna make a photo contest soon,thanks to my 117 followers too!!!!!!!! Thats all for now! Have a great day :)

Bye friends :D <3

Friday, 21 September 2012

Asmita's Fave Links #7 and Some Great Videos to Checkout!

Hi friends,I know I am late for the Asmita's fave Links as its gonna be Saturday and it was scheduled on Friday :p So lets move on and see our five fave links for this week-

1.My Dolls~Photo shoot-By Rose,such an awesome photo shoot! I can't choose a fave one ;)
2.Cute Gilly-By Pretty Lily,get well soon Gilly and good review of the Butterfly PJ's :)
3.A hidden friendship (a photo story)-By Delaney,great photostory dear :) I think you should make photostories often!
4.Collage Monday September 17th Edition-By Dakota,lovely collage <3
5.Mckenna Loves These Blogs #1-By Katie,Katie's doll Mckenna started something new named (mckenna loves these blogs) go nd check it out :)

That's all for now,nothing much!  But below I would like all of you to see some videos that I say yesterday I really love them all but one of them is by Toni Elission and showed how to make Rainbow Macaroon cake that's great!
This video is by Basilmentos,please go checkout her channel she makes great videos!

This video is by Toni Ellison,checkout her channel for more info!

Bye friends <3 :D

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wednesday Sharing #3 And Mckenna's Crazy Hair Day

Hi friends,it's Wednesday and time for Wednesday Sharing and today Mckenna is gonna show you some funny hair moment of her's lol :D This week I have got only one picture which is from Rose Colfesh! Go checkout her blog too:Loving Your American Girl Doll 

Hi!!! It's me Mckenna,how are you humans? I was having a messy hair day uhhh beacause I couldn't brush my hair properly,here is the pic that shows how I look in my messy hair-
After wards I wanted to look like Kit Kittredge,she is my fave Historical AG doll :) Do you like her? Here is the pic-

Finally I decided to be a good girl oops doll and brush my hair nicely! This is how I looked after brushing my hair neatly :)

Bye humans and dollies,thats all for now! Have a dollie day :)


Sunday, 16 September 2012

AG Tutoring by Email #3 and Interview by The Spicys

Hi friends,how are you? So today is Sunday and time for the AG tutoring and also the interview of the Spicys :D! This week there has been no new teachers or students but the sad part is that I think this week only Jessie's doll Delores and my doll Mckenna will be tutored :(  First I am gonna teach Fashion to Delores!

Miss Asmita: Hi Delores,good afternoon! How are you?
Delores:Good afternoon,Miss Asmita! I am fine,how are you?
Miss Asmita:I am fine too,lets start today's class
I will teach you Fashion!
Delores:OK,great! :)

Q1:What makes fashion?
Answer:hmmm,I don't know :( sorry
Q2:What's you style? like sassy,cutie,sporty,girly etc
Answer:Cute and sporty mixed! :p
Q3:Tell me a scarf or a bracelet which can make the look more cool?
Answer: I'd say both,but I guess a scarf!
Q4:Is wearing heels a fashion statement?
Answer: yes!
Delores you get an B+ :) I hope you get an A+ next time!

Mckenna:Hello Miss Jessie.Good afternoon :)
Miss Jessie:Hello Mckenna,good afternoon :) I will be teaching you spelling!
Mckenna:Okay,Miss Jessie!

Q1:Spell these words correctly:
Answer: nightmare,extatic,colleges and degree.
Mckenna you get 2 spelling right out of these 4-Miss Jessie
Q2:Now spell the following:
Answer:interesting,correspondence and important
You get a B,better luck next time dear Mckenna!
Mckenna:good evening and bye Miss Jessie
Miss Jessie:good bye Mckenna!

Now lets move on to the interview of the Spicys :)

1.What are your names? We go by Kay Jun and Holly Pino, but obviously you might figure out that our parents didn't name us after pepper and southern cooking!
2.What are your fave colours? Kay: My favorite colors are pink and navy blue....but I really just love color!!!
Holly: My favorite colors are purple, pink, and blue, I guess.
3.When did you two start blogging?  Kay: We started the Spicys back in April, crazy to think it's been going for so long!!!
Holly: Well, we started our own blogs a long time ago, but the Spicys...back in March or April. Not really sure how it came about, but it did. 
4.How many AG dolls do you own and what are their names?  ay: I have 3 dolls, Caroline, Mackenzie and Chrissa. I used to Have Samantha and Elizabeth, but I sold them a few years ago.
Holly: I have five - their names are Bethany, Chrissa Marie, Molly, Josefina, and Sierra Erin. 
5.From 1 to 10 how much do you rate your blog? Kay: Well naturally I love The Spicys, it's so much fun creating content, photographing, partnering with other companies and hearing from girls! I rate our blog an 7 or 8. There are still several things we can improve on, but for now we are just enjoying blogging and trying to not take everything TOO seriously (which I sometimes do!)
Holly: Um....I have no idea. Rate it for me.  :-)
6.Do you think AG items are over-priced? Kay: Absolutely! I personally think that handmade or DIY items are way more special and (oviously) a whole lot cheaper! Although, I do think it's hard to sometimes replace one special AG outfit (or any item) so splurging every once in a while is fine (and fun!)
Holly Pino: Yes, I do. I definitely think their products are MUCH better than a lot of other companies, but I think they should possibly price their items lower.
7:How many blogs do you two own?  Kay: I have had so many diffrent blogs over the years... My favorites are the one I do with Holly! We have The Spicys and then we also have a private blog just for's one of my favorites!
Holly: Well, not as many as I used to...I have had lots of blogs over the years. 

Thats all for now!!!

Bye friends <3 :D

Friday, 14 September 2012

Asmita's Fave Links #6

Hi friends! Hope you all are great :) Yesterday I didn't post Asmita's Fave Links as I thought to post it today,from now onawards there will be no Fashion Friday.... So Asmita's Fave Links will be on Friday :) Below are the 5 fave links for this week:

1.Ruthie's New Backpack-By Dakota,Such a great find! I love the backpack,I wish I could get one for my Mckenna :)
2.Fall Photo Contest-By Alyssa,Go friends join Alyssa's Fall Photo Contest!!! <3
3.Guest Post By Riley-By Delaney,an awesome post by one of Delaney's  doll-Riley )
4.Le Craft Boxes (:-By Rose,she got a craft box from AGmarket thats soo cool :D
5.Heart for Hearts Girl Photoshoot! :)-By AGmarket,lovely pics ;)

I would also like to say that Jessie from AG Fun Spot is a really good friend of mine and she opened an photography blog! Please go and follow it: ,she has 7 followers till now :D

So thats all for now :)

Bye friends :D <3

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Wednesday Sharing #2 and Delaney's Winning Interview

Hi friends,its Wednesday and time for Wednesday Sharing! This week I also got 3 pics only like last week! :( Ok so lets move on to the pics first one is from Delaney,second one is from Rose and the last one is from Emma Wright!

Delaney's doll Riley relaxing on a tree!

Now I present the Gorgeous Nikki Roses's doll :) :) :) :)

Last but not the least its Kit here,she looks really cute! (Emma's Doll)

So thats pretty much for the Wednesday,now lets go on to the Interview Of Delaney who won my AG Fashion Contest,congratss once again :) 

1.What is your name and how old are you? My name is Delaney and I'm 10.
2.When did you start blogging? I started blogging in August.
3.Rate your blog from 1 to 10 Hmm. I'd say 6 or 7, because I tend to rant about AG prices.
4.How many blogs do you own? 1. 
5.How many AG dolls do you own?  6! Molly, Emily, Lanie, Riley, Julie, and McKenna.
6.What is the name of your blog? Delaney Loves American Girl
7.What is your fave part about blogging? The people! I've met so many friends from blogging, like you!
8.What tips would you like to give to the other AG bloggers? Well, I'd say to not jump to conclusions and stay to the topic. (something I need to do)

Thanks Asmita!

All of Delaney's dolls:)

Nothing more to say! Have a great day :)

Bye friends :D <3

Monday, 10 September 2012

Many Things In One Blog!

Hi friends,today I will post about many things is one blog! First I got an award!!!! The first awesome thing is that 3 people awarded me the same award :p All of them are my great friends-Katie,Delaney, Rose  and Danielle:)

Who gave you this?
Delaney,Katie, Rose and Danielle! Thanks a lot to four of them :)

What is your AG blog?
AG Girl Forever

What is your name?

What are your AG dolls if you have any?
I have 1 which GOTY 2012-Mckenna Brooks

What do you post about on your blog?
I post about AG AG AG AG AND........................ AG :D :)

Which 6 blogs do you nominate?
I nominate:
Delaney Loves AG
The Spicys
American Girl Play Ground
American Girl Garden
AG Fun Spot
AG Fun

Sorry if I have missed somebody as I can nominate only 6 :(
Lets go on to to the next topic as I joined a collab with Jessie,Dakota and Kassidy on AG Fun Spot :) I would like to write about many more things but my doll (sister) Mckenna would like to write a little about the new doll Caroline and the new winter AG items.

Hi everybody its me the awesome blossom Mckenna Brooks here!!!!!!!!! How is everybody? I am gonna talk about Caroline firstly-
So she is a really pretty doll but she looks like Lanie,she is a GOTY like me :D and resembles to barbie a girly,pink dressed girl u know :p I would like to say her items are also really over-priced like Caroline's Travel basket just costs $32 dollars,Caroline's Spencer and hat costs $24 dollars just for a hat and jacket 24 dollars a lot! 
A lot of talk has been done about Caroline the historical character now I wanna talk about the new AG winter items they look really awesome :) 

Such an gorgeous outfit! I really like it,hope I can get it for myself at christmas :)

Oh sugar and spice baking set!!! I love baking :) 

Really an chic outfit perfect for a snowy day :D 
Bye from Mckenna brooks everybody ;) <3

I am back so I don't have anything more to say :)
That all for now,have a great day!

Bye friends :D <3

Sunday, 9 September 2012

AG Tutoring By Email #2

Hi friends! Today is the second day of AG Tutoring :) I will start the classes! First I will teach Jessie's daughter-Delores,then Delaney! New student:Riley, Felicity and Clawdeen New Teachers:Delaney and Kassidy

Miss Asmita:Hello Delores
Delores:Hello Miss Asmita,Good Morning!
Miss Asmita:Good morning dear,lets start our class!

Q1:How many types of colours are there?
Q2:Name the 2 colours
Answer:Primary,and Secondary
Q3:Do you like Art?
You got an A+-Miss Asmita


Mckenna:Hi Miss Jessie
Miss Jessie:Good morning,dear I will teach you maths
Q1:What is this-3x7,19-5,4x4,3x2?
Q2:How many types of math are there?
Answer:2 or 3

You got an B+-Miss Jessie

Math Class End~

Miss Asmita:Hello Riley
Riley:Hello Miss Asmita,I love english.

Q1:What is the other name of verbs?
Riley:uhmm Adverbs 
Q2:Name 5 nouns
Answer:Dogs,cats,horses,Bicorns and Harry Potter
Q3:Write a sentence about yourself
Answer:My name's Riley and I love Draco Malfo.
You got an B+-Miss Asmita
English class over~

Thats all for now,have a great day :) Alyssa made me a new fall signature,thanks :) I love it!

Bye friends :D <3

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Asmita's Fave Links #5 And The Winners of AG Fashion Contest

Hi friends,its Thursday and time for Asmita's Fave Links! Below are the 5 fave links of this week:

1.A Few Reasons to Join AGPT-By Sara,great reasons :)
2.The Mystery Of Today:A Ruthie Photostory!-By Dakota,an really awesome photostory and congrats on the 100th post!!!
3.Cool Stuff from WALMART-By Delaney,great finds at WALMART :D :)
4.AUGUST:BACK TO SCHOOL-By The Spicys,a cool post to show all the posts in the month of August <3
5.School and Schedules..Starting Again!!-By TracAn Bolton,a good post to tell about the life of all the people in the family :)

So as I said yesterday today I am gonna announce the winners of my AG FASHION CONTEST! The winner  of my AG FASHION CONTEST is............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ Any guesses?

Its Delaney from Delaney Loves AG :D With this entry Above!
You win an online award which is below:
Congratss! You also win to get interviewed by me and do a guest-post on my blog :) I will send your interview question soon and you send your guest-post at my <3

The one who won the Second place is......................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Priya from American Girl Playground congratsssss :D With this entry below:
You win an online award which is below and a chance to guest-post on my blog! Email me your guest-post at .
I decided not to have a second round! So here are the winners :)
For the other 2 people who entered will get a online award each will be posted with tomorrow's Fashion Friday :)

Thats all for now,Have an awesome day!

Bye friends <3 :D

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wednesday Sharing #1

Hi friends,last week as I told you I am starting something new named Wednesday Sharing! Today is the first day of Wednesday Sharing,I got 3 pics this week hope to get at least 5 pictures next week :) First one is from Danielle, second one is from Alanna Bailey and the last one is from Delaney!!!

Such a gorgeous picture of Ruthie By Danielle :) 

Amy (MAG) looks adorable in this outfit :) By Alanna!

An awesome group shot of all the dolls!!! By Delaney

Today is day where my contest (AG FASHION CONTEST) closes!
Good luck to everybody! I got 4 entries :) The winners will be announced tomorrow,keep on the lookout!!!

Thats all for now,good night ;)

Bye friends <3 :D