Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wednesday Sharing #3 and Kit Trivia

Hi friends,its Wednesday and time for Wednesday Sharing! This week I got 2 pictures! First is from Rose and second one is from Delaney :)

Beautiful picture of Nikki,the truth is she is always beautiful <3

Emily looks cool while relaxing on her bed ;)

I decided to post a surprise today but I am busy so the surprise post will be postponed to Friday or Saturday! 
Today I had a tinychat where I had a Kit Trivia,Rose won it by answering all the questions right!

Q1:What is the full name of Kit?
Ans-Margaret Mildred Kittredge 
Q2:Name Kit's Dad!
Ans-Jack Kittredge
Q3:In which year was Kit born?

You can come on my tinychat to have great trivias! I am mostly there! :) :) :) 
Thats all for now,have a great day.

Bye friends :D <3


  1. Nikki- Thank you for the wonderful compliment Asmita! Your McKenna doll is always beautiful! :)

    Rose-Thank you for including my photo XD

    1. Your welcome,Mckenna says "Thanks a lot dear Nikki :)"
      No problem Rose!


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