Monday, 10 September 2012

Many Things In One Blog!

Hi friends,today I will post about many things is one blog! First I got an award!!!! The first awesome thing is that 3 people awarded me the same award :p All of them are my great friends-Katie,Delaney, Rose  and Danielle:)

Who gave you this?
Delaney,Katie, Rose and Danielle! Thanks a lot to four of them :)

What is your AG blog?
AG Girl Forever

What is your name?

What are your AG dolls if you have any?
I have 1 which GOTY 2012-Mckenna Brooks

What do you post about on your blog?
I post about AG AG AG AG AND........................ AG :D :)

Which 6 blogs do you nominate?
I nominate:
Delaney Loves AG
The Spicys
American Girl Play Ground
American Girl Garden
AG Fun Spot
AG Fun

Sorry if I have missed somebody as I can nominate only 6 :(
Lets go on to to the next topic as I joined a collab with Jessie,Dakota and Kassidy on AG Fun Spot :) I would like to write about many more things but my doll (sister) Mckenna would like to write a little about the new doll Caroline and the new winter AG items.

Hi everybody its me the awesome blossom Mckenna Brooks here!!!!!!!!! How is everybody? I am gonna talk about Caroline firstly-
So she is a really pretty doll but she looks like Lanie,she is a GOTY like me :D and resembles to barbie a girly,pink dressed girl u know :p I would like to say her items are also really over-priced like Caroline's Travel basket just costs $32 dollars,Caroline's Spencer and hat costs $24 dollars just for a hat and jacket 24 dollars a lot! 
A lot of talk has been done about Caroline the historical character now I wanna talk about the new AG winter items they look really awesome :) 

Such an gorgeous outfit! I really like it,hope I can get it for myself at christmas :)

Oh sugar and spice baking set!!! I love baking :) 

Really an chic outfit perfect for a snowy day :D 
Bye from Mckenna brooks everybody ;) <3

I am back so I don't have anything more to say :)
That all for now,have a great day!

Bye friends :D <3


  1. Thank you so much for nominating me, Asmita! :D

  2. Hi Asmita!
    I'm following your blog! Could you follow me back?


    1. Hi,thanks for following my blog! I will follow yours too :)

  3. Thank you so much for nominating me, Asmita!


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