Thursday, 27 September 2012

I am Tagged By Dakota-My Good friend :)

Hi friends,I just saw that I got tagged my by good friend Dakota from American Girl Garden :) The rules are-

1 of your dolls:Mckenna,I only have her :p
2 of your favourite activities: Dancing and photograhy
3 random facts about you:I love the season winter,I hate insects and I am a very girly girl!

1.Answer the person who tagged your questions-
Here are Dakota's questions-
1.What is your favorite AG outfit?
Ans-My fave AG outfit is the sweet savanna outfit :)
2.What kind of chocolate do you like best?  (White,Milk,Dark etc)
Ans:I like milk chocolate the best.
3.What is your favorite AG meet outfit?
Ans-My favorite AG meet outfit is Chrissa's meet outfit :)

2.One person who tagged you-Dakota Thanks a lot dear Dakota :D
3.Tag two people-

Each time use previous tagger's questions!
Now go and comment on their sites to let them know they are tagged!

Thats all for now,Have a great day,afternoon or night :) 

Bye friends :D <3


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