Friday, 28 September 2012

Asmita's Fave Links-I got Tagged and a Mini Dolly Interview By Delores

Hi friends,its Friday and time for Asmita's Fave links! So these are the fave 5 links for this week-

1.Lake Tahoe Pictures-By Danielle,I love all the pics :)
2.Photo Shoot!-By Gracie,cool photo-shoot ;)
3.Surprise! A fun find!-By Delaney,such an awesome find an doll car :D :D
4.A Ray of Stitches~Giveaway-By Rose,go checkout Rose's blog she is having a giveaway!
5.Kit's Photoshoot-By Dakota-Kit looks adorable in all the pics,can't choose a favourite....

I got tagged again by Delaney from the blog-Delaney Loves AG

11 things about me-
1.I am a very girly girl
2.I like painting
3.I love to read books
4.I love to write stories
5.AG dolls are the best dolls ever I think ;)
6.I am crazy :p
7.I have a big sweet tooth!
8.My favourite subject at school is English!
9.Most of the time ,I am bored!
11.I like pink and pizza :D

The questions-

1.Do you like school? Yup :)
2.If you could be an AG doll,who would it be? GOTY Chrissa
3.Favorite Doll? Don't know :p
4.Dolls on your wish-list? MAG #25 only at the moment!
5.Favorite doll brand? Besides AG? Barbie I guess.
6.Hunger Games,Harry Potter or Twilight? Uhh,not any of them!
7.girly or tomboy or in between? Girly of course
8.Pink or Green? Pink
9.indoors or outdoors? indoors
10.favorite doll outfit? Sweet savannah outfit
11:Are you bored? Nope! 

I tag-

My questions-
1.Do you like watching tv or surfing the net?
2.Who is your fave AG doll?
3.Italian or Chinese?
4.Cola or sprite?
5.Do you own a phone?
6.When do you wake up in the morning?
7.Fave chocolate?
8.What is your fave holiday destination in the world?
9.Do you like studying?

I can't think of anymore questions :p

Now the dolly interview with Jessie's doll Delores starts:

Q1:What is your fave colour? Bright Blue!
Q2:Fave Food? Hm,I don't have one!
Q3:Fave Dessert? Pie and Ice-cream!! :)
Q4:Do you have any siblings? Nope :(
Q5:What is the name of your owner (mom)? Jessie
Q6:What are your hobbies? Reading,chatting and singing.
Q7:How old are you? 11
Q8:Which school do you go to? I am homeschooled once a week miss asmita teaches me!

Thats all for now,Have a great day :)

Bye friends :D <3


  1. Thanks for interviewing Delores! She is so honored! :D

    1. Your welcome Jessie! Delores did a great job answering all the questions :D

  2. I know you're probably sick of being tagged, but I tagged you.

    1. Oh,yup I am sick of the tags but happy also to see so many people love my blog :)

  3. I added it to my tagged post! :D

  4. BTW, I just thought I'd let you know that I nominated you (again!) Just check out my blog for more information! :)


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