Sunday, 23 September 2012

AG tutoring by Email #4 and Daughter's Day Card

Hola Amigos :) I have learned some spanish ;) So lets move on to our AG tutoring!There is a new student who is Raine! The teaching will start with my Mckenna she will studying and her teacher will be Miss Jessie,then Delores and last will be our new student Raine Sunshine :)!

Mckenna:Hello Miss Jessie its your student here :)
Miss Jessie:Hello Mckenna! (I am being careful not to say Kenna) :p
Mckenna:Oh :p Start our class Miss! 
Miss Jessie:OK,I will teach you Art!

Q1:If I mix red and blue,what do we get?
Q2:What happens when you mix brown and yellow?
Answer:Is it black?
Q3:What do you get if you mix pink and green?
Answer:Light shade of brown...
You get an A! Exellent job dear :) 

Miss Asmita: Hello Delores,we will study history today :)
Delores:OK,Miss Asmita!!

Q1:What is the subject history about?
Answer:Our past?
Q2:Who was the first president of America?
Answer: George Washington!
Q3:50! I know my country too tell :p
You get an A+ Delores,you know the history of your country well :)

 So do you all know today is Daughter's day :) :) :) My mom gave me a handmade card and a box of chocolates! Below are pics of the card- 
 Thanks a lot for 5000 page views,I am gonna make a photo contest soon,thanks to my 117 followers too!!!!!!!! Thats all for now! Have a great day :)

Bye friends :D <3


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