Sunday, 16 September 2012

AG Tutoring by Email #3 and Interview by The Spicys

Hi friends,how are you? So today is Sunday and time for the AG tutoring and also the interview of the Spicys :D! This week there has been no new teachers or students but the sad part is that I think this week only Jessie's doll Delores and my doll Mckenna will be tutored :(  First I am gonna teach Fashion to Delores!

Miss Asmita: Hi Delores,good afternoon! How are you?
Delores:Good afternoon,Miss Asmita! I am fine,how are you?
Miss Asmita:I am fine too,lets start today's class
I will teach you Fashion!
Delores:OK,great! :)

Q1:What makes fashion?
Answer:hmmm,I don't know :( sorry
Q2:What's you style? like sassy,cutie,sporty,girly etc
Answer:Cute and sporty mixed! :p
Q3:Tell me a scarf or a bracelet which can make the look more cool?
Answer: I'd say both,but I guess a scarf!
Q4:Is wearing heels a fashion statement?
Answer: yes!
Delores you get an B+ :) I hope you get an A+ next time!

Mckenna:Hello Miss Jessie.Good afternoon :)
Miss Jessie:Hello Mckenna,good afternoon :) I will be teaching you spelling!
Mckenna:Okay,Miss Jessie!

Q1:Spell these words correctly:
Answer: nightmare,extatic,colleges and degree.
Mckenna you get 2 spelling right out of these 4-Miss Jessie
Q2:Now spell the following:
Answer:interesting,correspondence and important
You get a B,better luck next time dear Mckenna!
Mckenna:good evening and bye Miss Jessie
Miss Jessie:good bye Mckenna!

Now lets move on to the interview of the Spicys :)

1.What are your names? We go by Kay Jun and Holly Pino, but obviously you might figure out that our parents didn't name us after pepper and southern cooking!
2.What are your fave colours? Kay: My favorite colors are pink and navy blue....but I really just love color!!!
Holly: My favorite colors are purple, pink, and blue, I guess.
3.When did you two start blogging?  Kay: We started the Spicys back in April, crazy to think it's been going for so long!!!
Holly: Well, we started our own blogs a long time ago, but the Spicys...back in March or April. Not really sure how it came about, but it did. 
4.How many AG dolls do you own and what are their names?  ay: I have 3 dolls, Caroline, Mackenzie and Chrissa. I used to Have Samantha and Elizabeth, but I sold them a few years ago.
Holly: I have five - their names are Bethany, Chrissa Marie, Molly, Josefina, and Sierra Erin. 
5.From 1 to 10 how much do you rate your blog? Kay: Well naturally I love The Spicys, it's so much fun creating content, photographing, partnering with other companies and hearing from girls! I rate our blog an 7 or 8. There are still several things we can improve on, but for now we are just enjoying blogging and trying to not take everything TOO seriously (which I sometimes do!)
Holly: Um....I have no idea. Rate it for me.  :-)
6.Do you think AG items are over-priced? Kay: Absolutely! I personally think that handmade or DIY items are way more special and (oviously) a whole lot cheaper! Although, I do think it's hard to sometimes replace one special AG outfit (or any item) so splurging every once in a while is fine (and fun!)
Holly Pino: Yes, I do. I definitely think their products are MUCH better than a lot of other companies, but I think they should possibly price their items lower.
7:How many blogs do you two own?  Kay: I have had so many diffrent blogs over the years... My favorites are the one I do with Holly! We have The Spicys and then we also have a private blog just for's one of my favorites!
Holly: Well, not as many as I used to...I have had lots of blogs over the years. 

Thats all for now!!!

Bye friends <3 :D


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