Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Wednesday Sharing #2 and Delaney's Winning Interview

Hi friends,its Wednesday and time for Wednesday Sharing! This week I also got 3 pics only like last week! :( Ok so lets move on to the pics first one is from Delaney,second one is from Rose and the last one is from Emma Wright!

Delaney's doll Riley relaxing on a tree!

Now I present the Gorgeous Nikki Roses's doll :) :) :) :)

Last but not the least its Kit here,she looks really cute! (Emma's Doll)

So thats pretty much for the Wednesday,now lets go on to the Interview Of Delaney who won my AG Fashion Contest,congratss once again :) 

1.What is your name and how old are you? My name is Delaney and I'm 10.
2.When did you start blogging? I started blogging in August.
3.Rate your blog from 1 to 10 Hmm. I'd say 6 or 7, because I tend to rant about AG prices.
4.How many blogs do you own? 1. delaneylovesag.blogspot.com 
5.How many AG dolls do you own?  6! Molly, Emily, Lanie, Riley, Julie, and McKenna.
6.What is the name of your blog? Delaney Loves American Girl
7.What is your fave part about blogging? The people! I've met so many friends from blogging, like you!
8.What tips would you like to give to the other AG bloggers? Well, I'd say to not jump to conclusions and stay to the topic. (something I need to do)

Thanks Asmita!

All of Delaney's dolls:)

Nothing more to say! Have a great day :)

Bye friends :D <3


  1. Thank you!! Except my doll is Lilly, not Kit:)

  2. I like your blog too, I followed it and can't wait for new posts! :D


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