Sunday, 23 March 2014

Random Talking

Hiya friends! I am just really enjoying this one month vacation before school starts :) My first day of 7th grade is on 16th april. I am super excited for 7th grade, soo if any of you are in 7th grade or grades higher do give m3 tips down below in the comments, I am totally in need of them.
I am doing some fun things before the hectic 7th grade starts..
Below is a picture of mine having waffles with lots of cream


I painted my nails pink,my fave colour ♡♥

Totally, I am a shopaholic.

Selfie time in pink!

My recent fave author is Sophie Mckenzie...

I really like her Medusa Project Book Series and The Missing series too!
The books by Kate Brian are also quite interesting, I have read The Princess and The Pauper and really want to read Lucky T. :))

Bye friends!
I am going to post a recipe or my skin care items in the next blog :)))))

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Time for fun!

Hi friends! My final exams r over :D I really wanted to post for a while but couldn' laptop broke down but I got a galaxy tab 3 for my birthday!! So now, I want all of you to know what happened in my life these days.

Me and my mom in a selfie.

I have got back my love for american girl dolls ♡♥

Mcky wants to say hi to you all.

I made a small makeup corner for Mckenna.

These images describe me perfectly.

I finished reading this awesome book, I would recommend it to anyone who wants a fun and light read.
I think Meghan's character could develop a little better,Artie's character was a mix of different emotions, I especially liked Hailey how she was confused between the sugar-Meghan and spice-Artie. At last the surprise came when Mr Malik announced to marry Hailey's grandma :) I look forward to reach the next book in the series to know who Hailey chooses as a better friend.

A candy shop, I love candies.
Bye friends, expect a post from me soon.
Have a good day.

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!! -2014

Hi friends!! Its 2014,a new year has started :D
I hope you all have a great year ahead :D
No be the best ;D

This me!! 
The New Year card given to me by my mom <3
I love the month Janurary!!
Its the month of my birthday,I will be 12 in just 21 days. :D
Bye friends!!!!