Friday, 27 July 2012

Fashion Friday # 1

Hi friends today I am gonna share some fashion tips for your AG dolls,hope you like them:) Btw every Friday there will be a "Fashion Friday" post from now onwards :) Don't forget to check back :)
In this pic Mcky is wearing a skirt and top as you can see,now let me tell you from where I got it :D Can you guess it?
Let me reveal the secret now- What I did was I bought a pair of new born socks from the baby section of a famous shop in a mall btw I got a discount also :p finally I cut one sock into halves nd made a top,skirt and a neck warmer out of it :D :D :D
And the final result is in front of you all :) I think Mckenna looks pretty cool,what do you say AG Gals? 

Bye for now!


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