Monday, 23 July 2012

An Interview With Katie Rain

Hi friends today I am posting my friend Katie Rain's interview,It was so much fun talking to her :)

Q1:What is your name and how old are u?  Katie Rain, I am 10
Q2:When did you start ur blog "Mckenna Girl Of The Year"? May 2012
Q3:What inspired you to start this blog? I have always loved taking pictures of McKenna so idecided I wanted to share them with this blog.
Q4:Do you have any other blog apart from this blog? Yes, Dolly Doctor's Ofiice, Our Dolls' Lives, and Camp AG.
Q5:What is the best think about blogging? Meeting new friends!
Q6:How many AG dolls do you have? 1
Q7:What are the dolls in your AG wishlist?  MAG #47, MAG #38, and Ivy
Q8:Name your favourite 5 AG blogs AG Girl Forever, AG Fun, American Girl Fan, Doll Diaries, and Pretty Lilly an american girl
Q9:Would you like to give any tips to the AG bloggers? 
If you post a lot everyday people will come to your blog more.

Thank you Katie Rain :D


  1. Thanks so much! BTW I just joined a new blog called the live ,of nine.

  2. Thanks for following! You have a nice blog!

    Love ~*Chantelle*~

    1. You are most welcome:D And thank you so much for following me back!!:):):)



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