Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Some Small Announcements!!!

Hi friends,I am really bored today! First I would like to stay that there will be no longer any Shopping Wednesdays :( Nowadays I really get busy so I don't have any time to take pics for shopping wednesday,Sunday Collage,Friday Fashion sooo only Shopping Wednesday is stopping :) Sunday Collage and Friday Fashion is still there! Something new is starting named Wednesday Sharing you all can send pics of your dolls to my,which will be shared on my blog.

:) I am hoping to see a lot of pics for my first Wednesday Sharing next week! As you know my AG Fashion Contest is going the rules are: it has 2 rounds-both the rounds will have different themes! For the first round,first theme is Casual you have to dress ur 18 inch doll in a casual wear like,shorts,jeans,tops and skirts :) If somebody is late to submit their entry they will be disqualified. The deadline of the first round is on September 6th! I hope many people enter! People can email me their entry at or post the entry on your blog and post the link in a comment of my blogpost :) :) :) I hope to get a lot of entries my friends and I think that hope will be true.

I am thinking what should I write about next :p
Do you all know Caroline Abott is already in the NY AGP,its really unfair it should be in all the stores at the same time on 4th september I think!!! Some Caroline Abott books are also in some book-shops :/ really weird. Nowadays I really enjoy tinychats :) I have made some great friends on the American Girl Fan Message Board-Jessie,Kaitlynn,agthewayseeit (Cece),Dakota and Vivy :)  I am really amazed to have 3128 views and 94 followers in 2 months and 3 days!!! This couldn't be possible without you all my amazing followers :D

Thats all for now! Have a great Wednesday ;)

Bye friends :D <3


  1. I'll send you a picture! I know, it really is unfair that the NY store has Caroline already :( Thanks for mentioning me in your friends list! (:

    1. Waiting for you pic :) Your welcome Jessie (:

  2. Wow! you have 95 followers! that's awesome! :D
    I hope to be sending me entry for your contest in soon. :)
    ~ Jess
    P.S. AG Place NY already has Caroline?? That's so weird (and unfair)!

    1. Yes its really awesome,okie will wait for your entry!!! Yes AG Place NY already has Caroline some girls already bought her too :p Jess.

  3. Hi Asmita! Thank you for your lovely comment left on my blog. You have lots of great blogs! Wow! I barely have time to keep my one blog up to date!
    I signed up to follow you and hope you will continue to follow me as well.
    Have a great day!


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