Thursday, 23 August 2012

Asmita's Fave Links #3

Hi friends,time for Asmita's Fave Links! Below are my this week's fave 5 links:

1.Review:Molly Mcintire-By Delaney,awesome review!
2.Simple Shots-By Katie,Simple but lovely shots :)
3.Violet coming home from GOODWILL! :D-By AGMarket,Violet looks really pretty in all the pics :) waiting to see the pics of Molly!
4.Emmy's Delemma-By Emma,cool delemma ;)
5.School,bro.-By Pheobe,great blogpost!!

I am having the Tinychat going on the grand one with the trivia's but nobody is here if somebody is here is the link: Please come my AG friends <3

 Thats all for now! Have a great Thursday :)

Bye friends! <3


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