Monday, 6 August 2012

News About Caroline Abott

Hi friends,today I am gonna write about the new historical character which is CAROLINE ABOTT!!  I am really excited about her,I got her pic from the American Girl Fan Page in facebook :) 

I think she looks quite like Lanie "Girl Of The Year 2009".She is a blondie but I would like to say her dress and her shoes are really pretty in pink :) The bag she is holding looks like little bit old fashioned but it should be too as she is a historical character!!!  You know her name and her year which is 1812,the company has revealed the caroline doll and where she lives- Sackets Harbor ,New York,on the shores of Lake Ontario as war of 1812 begins. The author of the Caroline Abott books said" While writing the six books of Caroline Abott,I learned a lot about Sackets Harbor and its fascinating history. Stay tuned for more about Caroline and her debut". Which will be on 4th september as I think :) :) :) We now have the book titles for American Girl doll Caroline Abott books -

Meet Caroline-Book 1

Caroline's Secret Message-Book 2

A surprise for Caroline-Book 3

Caroline Takes a Chance-Book 4

Caroline's Battle-Book 5

Changes for Caroline-Book 6

Below is a pic of Caroline's Craft book:

Suddenly I got some more

pics of Caroline Abott from a blog named Maryland Pink and 


 This she is in a boat kind of thing! But I think its named

something else! The dress she is wearing too is quite

pretty,her dresses are long and pretty and not at all old


Down is the pic of her in a lovely blue dress,I don't know 

what is that as the background,I think it will be a part of her 


I hope she comes out soon :) :) :) 

Bye friends,Have a awesome Monday!!!


  1. Awesome! I really want to get her now! :)

  2. She is so pretty! Great post!


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