Saturday, 11 August 2012

Guest-post by Rose from Loving Your American Girl

Hi friends,today Rose Colfesh from Loving Your American Girl  is guest-posting on our blog :) Below starts her guest-post:

My dolls (:
Top Right:Julie
Bottom-from left to right: Nikki,Marie-Grace
About me: Hi! I'm Rose.
I started my blog, Loving your American girl,back in October,of 2011. I love blogging,reading,writing,photography,dancing and tons of other stuff (;
My photography has greatly improved over the few months I've had my blog,take a look... 

This one isn't too bad...
Personally,I don't like having the date stamp on my photos anymore. ;)

Blurry... Not cool

The lighting is horrible...

Okay now enough about how bad my pictures were.
Now onto the better ones!

Nikki <3

Duct Tapes! <3

I love this photo!! ;)

You probably noticed all this photos have Nikki in them.
She is just SO photogenic.
How does she do it?
Thanks for reading!
I hope you like my post.
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

Really Rose you have improved a lot :) I really love the last pic!!!! Nikki looks gorgeous in all the pics! Your welcome and thanks to you for guest-posting on my blog :) Friends tell me which Nikki's pic you like the most? 
Thats all for now!

Bye friends,Have a awesome blossom Saturday! Don't forget to comment :) :D


  1. Thank you for doing this! :D

  2. I loved Rose's guest post! I love the 1st and last pic of Nikki best ♥


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