Thursday, 9 August 2012

Asmita's Fave links #1

Hi friends,today I am gonna start something new,it's Asmita's Fave Links which will be posted on this blog every thursday :) :) :) Below are  my fave 5 links:

1.Updated Room Tour with Samantha-By Pheobe,You really made a cool room tour with the pics!
2.Lovealldoll had 30 followers-By Alyssa,Congrats Alyssa for having 30 followers!
3.Hello Again (:-By Rose,I liked your this craft of making a bed buddy for AG dolls :D
4.A Tipi,Kit and Becca Photoshoot-By Silversteak,The pics were really great and Becca looked really pretty like always ;)

5.Dollympics-By Emma,your pics of non doll olympics and the doll olympics pics made a good blog,keep up the great work :)

Thats all for now, if you want your blog to get featured in my fave link's then you have to follow me and email me the link of the post that you want on my next Asmita's Fave Links !!! My email is,but the final decision will be made by me,hope you don't mind ;) 

Bye friends,Have a awesome blossom Thursday :D


  1. aw thanks for putting in my link!!

  2. Thank you so much for including my link! :D

  3. Stop by my blog!

  4. Thanks, that was so sweet of you to put my blog up there. I'll have to tell *Moondust*, she'll be thrilled! :)

    1. Your welcome Silverstreak!!!! :) <3 :) Give lots of love to Moondust :D


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