Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Interview By Priya From American Girl Playground

Hi friends,today I am gonna interview Priya from American Girl Playground :) So here the interview starts!

Q1:What's your name and how old are you? My name is Priya and I'm 13 years old
Q2:How many blogs do you own?  I have one blog, but I contribute to a blog also.
Q3:How many AG dolls do you have and what are their names?  I have 5 AG dolls: Penelope (JLY), Rebecca, Lanie, Emily, and Kit.
Q4:When did you decide to start you blog (American Girl Playground) and why? I decided to start my website in March 2011 because I was inspired by several other blogs. I started my blog in September 2011 because Weebly wasn't working and I wanted to try a different and better program.
Q5:What is your fave part of blogging? I like sharing my writing and photography with other girls like me.
Q6:As a blogger how much would you rate your blog from 1 to 10  Hmmm….. maybe a 7, because my blog is pretty good but not that great.
Q7:What are your fave 5 AG blogs? My American Girl, Love That Doll, All Doll, Loving Your American Girl Doll, and Just Me {and my dolls}.
Q8:What tips would you like to give to the other bloggers? Make sure to write in correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation to make it easiest for your readers to read! It is also best to have neat template and design that isn't too busy.
Q9:Your best collab with a blogger All About Us: Six Faraway Friends, which is also my only collaboration, but it is definitely really good.
Thanks for interviewing me! :)

 Priya's blog-http://www.americangirlplayground.com/ is an awesome blog! You should definitely comment there and follow her blog :D You are welcome,Priya and thanks a lot for letting me interview you!!! 

That's all for now!
P.S:Thanks a lot to all of my followers,I never thought I could get 69 followers in such a short time! This couldn't be possible without your help :) Thanks to my 69th follower cinamonswirlgirls :)

Bye friends,Have a rocking Tuesday :)

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