Friday, 31 August 2012

Fashion Friday #4

Hi friends,its Friday and time for Fashion Friday ;) This time I chose a maxi dress for Mckenna,its a white base with multi-coloured striped,as for accessories I picked up a gorgeous satin purple rose hair clip for her. Here are the 3 pics that will give you an idea about how fashionable Mckenna Brooks look this time ;)

Which pic was your fave? :) I found some pics of the mini Caroline doll and the book set! The pics are below:

Its really amazing that I have 100 followers!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe this could happen so soon,when I started blogging my goal was 100 and today I achieved it! :D Today I bought some things for my Mcky the pic will be posted soon of those things,keep on a lookout!

That's all for now! Have a great weekend :)

Bye friends <3 :D


  1. You can follow me now!

    1. Okay I will follow you know and thanks!!!! <3 :)

  2. Congrats!
    McKenna looks great--I have a Pink satin Rose clip for my dolls!
    Asmita, Do you plan on getting any other dolls? Or maybe Caroline?

    1. Thanks a lot :) Yes I am planning to buy MAG #25 thats looks like me on my b-day 21st Jan! No I don't like Caroline she looks a lot like Lannie and I don't wanna buy any historicals at the moment! What dolls are you planning to get?

    2. I really like MAG 35, 33 and I really like Rebecca. I like Caroline, but I have a lot of blonde dolls (I have Lanie and I don't want to forget about Lanie) so I wanna even out my collection and then I might get her.


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