Thursday, 16 August 2012

Asmita's Fave Links #2

Hi friends,it's Thursday and also the day for Asmita's Fave links :)
So below are my fave 5 links for this week:

1. I love A Good Sale-By Dakota,a great post with both great sales-A yard sale and an AG sale :)
2.Ultimate Back-To-School Guide for Dolls-By Michelle,Awesome blossom Back-To School Guide for Dolls!
3.Vacation Pictures!!!-By Katie,You had lots of fun at Disneyland :)
4.AGMV-Women!-By Pheobe,A short and cool post!
5.4-25-12 Bermuda First Day!! Pt 1-By The Crazy Doll Lady,Great pics!!!

Thats all for now :) :) If you want your blog to get featured in my fave link's then you have to follow me and email me the link of the post that you want on my next Asmita's Fave Links!!! My email is ,but the final decision will be made by me,hope you don't mind :)

Bye friends,Have a great Thursday! 


  1. Thanks so much Asmita! I love the little banner too that says Asmita's Fave Links.

    1. Your welcome and thanks Katie :) :)


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