Monday, 29 October 2012

Meet the Dolls!

  Hi Everyone! I've been thinking of things to post about, and I decided that before I go any further, I should introduce you to my seven dolls!

For starters, here's Kit! She was my first doll and I got her in 2008, just when her movie came out!

Next there's Ruthie. My grandmother and I purchased her at the AG Place in New York City! It was so fun going there!

Next, there's Kirsten. The story on how I got her is a personal favorite of mine. I was given her by a collage student who didn't need her anymore. I kept on saying thank you!

Next, we have Gwen. I got her for Christmas of 2009, but I had wanted her all that year! I knew it was her by the way I felt the box!

Next, there's Lanie. I remember on Christmas day her picture finally came out on Barnes and Noble, and when I say her, I just had to have her. I saved up my money and bought her in January!

Next, there's Marie-Grace. Marie-Grace is basically a twin to McKenna (who you will hear about soon)  because I got them both with my 13th birthday money!

Now we get to McKenna! McKenna is my newest doll, and I must say, looks a lot like me. Her hair is probably one of my favorites and I love all of her collection!

  I hope you all enjoyed that! What are your dolls like? I'd love to hear about each and every one of them! Have a Dolly Day!



  1. So nice to get to know all of your dolls! yay!

    1. Thanks for the comment on my blog :) I am sure Dakota is very happy to have this comment too!!

  2. Hello from Spain: I like very much yours dolls. My favorite is Lanie. I like long hair. I also like McKenna. She has beautiful eyes and a very smooth hair. You have a gorgeous collection. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks for the comment Marta <3 I like Lanie and Mckenna both two! I am sure Dakota is very happy that you like her doll collection soo much :)

  3. Hi, I have Gwen, too! I love her, but she's my only doll. I love all the rest of your dolls, too!


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