Friday, 26 October 2012

A Guest Post By Dakota

  Hi Everyone! I'm so excited to be posting on AG Girl Forever; it's one of my favorites! I was thinking of some things I could share with you, and I decided on sharing some pictures of some of the cutest things in the AG world-- mini dolls! Enjoy!

Sometimes minis get tangled up in things...

... but they'll always be a light in my day...

... and I feel stitched in their love!

Here's another photo of Nellie on my old typewriter. I loved the lighting! It looks like the cover of a mystery book to me! :)

  I hope you all enjoyed that! I'm so happy to be posting on Asmita's blog and I hope to post again! Ciao!


  1. Such a Interesting post dear! Thanks a lot for praising my blog soo much :)


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