Sunday, 28 October 2012

A Guest-Post By Jess~And some News By Me~

Hi friends,its me Asmita :) I am saying this here after a long time because I don't have any time for blogging in my life due to big festivals,short trips,exams and then now cold :( Today I am not going to write anything but just post Jess's Guest-post! Now over to Jess-

Hello everyone! My name is Jess from Rosalyn's Blog and Six Faraway Friends. I am very excited to be guest posting on this blog.

A little bit about me: I am a teenaged girl living in California. I love to sing, blog, read, write stories, daydream, swim, hang out with my friends, and more!

My dolls: I have four lovely dolls: Rosalyn, Felicity, Rebecca, and Nellie. Here are some pics.

I hope you enjoyed my little post - bye for now!

~ Jess :)

So that's all for now! Excpect a fun post on halloween ;) 
PS:The post will be written by Mckenna!! :p

Bye friends :D <3


  1. Roslyn is so pretty! is she a MAG? if so which one?


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