Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Hey...I am Here!

Hiya Folks..hope you all are doing well.
I am sorry again to disappoint you all once again..just that,I really don't feel like blogging anymore! Mainly a topic dosen't strike my mind.  
Hmmm lets talk about some nice things now especially..my 1 year blogoversary is just 2 weeks away. Can you imagine? Just 14 days...like 11 months have already passed by,I started this blog. With great enthusiasm,to make it one of the great AG blogs... My first goal was to get 20 followers,then 50 and then it become 100..I aimed for 120 and then 150 and now I am here at 164 followers. Other things,I am quite enjoying because my summer hols are going on...for 23 days,and just a week is left.
Now below are some fun pics.. :) 

A random photo of my hands with a Virjin Mojito Krushers from KFC.
I am doing something on the Ipad. :)

Okay,that's all for now.
Bye friends,have a great day.
I will post a book review next week.

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