Saturday, 27 April 2013


Hi friends,so its Saturday!!!! Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Today I will talk about Photography and some tips.
Before that below is a picture to let you all celebrate Saturday-

 :) :) :) So as we talk about photography,there are many things we can capture in our camera like a place,nature,dolls,us humans and animals,food,or just a thing!! There are plenty so lets start with nature,below is a picture by me which is of nature-

Isn't this flower beautiful?
Below you can see the picture of a place-

To tell all of you,this is the outer place outside my fave mall :) :)

Below is a picture of us humans :p -

Me and my mom <3 <3 <3

Now time for some food photography :D -

YUMMMMMMMMMMM! Chocolate cake!

So last but not the least comes the doll photography!-

OUR ADORABLE Mckenna :) :D

If we go on photography tips-
1. Lighting is very important,without light a picture is not going to come good. Natural lighting which is outdoors is the best.
2.Focus is important,without Focus picture have chances to become blurry.
3.Angles,it is also one of the important things. You should always keep in mind or you can also experiment and see what angle will suit the picture you are thinking about.
4.And Editing,it can enhance your picture a lot. There are a lot of effects out there and also simple things like making the contrast or brightness high :)

Happy Photography!
Bye friends!! I will try to post in mid-week :D <3


  1. Great post Asmita! :) Your photography tips are great! I'll be sure to remember them when I'm taking pictures.

    { }

  2. Your photography is amazing!

    1. Oh thanks a lot dear Tara :) :)



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