Friday, 29 June 2012

McKenna's Accessories

I simply love McKenna's accessories,they are super cool! Here is the picture I have taken of it:

The fantastic gymnastics book is really cool,its perfect for Mckenna nd I could read it too.
The trail mix is my fave among all the items,its fluffy!!!:D
Mckenna loves to hold the water bottle nd pose hehehehe!

Few days ago i went for a small trip where Mckenna took all her clothes in her gym bag lol :) Next time I wanna purchase the ag travel kit!


  1. I have that set too and I love it:)

    1. Yes I saw U using the gym bag in your pics :D

  2. Asmita,
    I gave you a link to the American girl facebook page on my blog ( if you do not get it on my blog here is the link:!/americangirl
    just copy and paste it:)
    ~ EmmaSunbeam

    1. Hi Emma,I tried to copy nd paste the link into the search although your page came but when I clicked it nothing happened


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