Thursday, 17 October 2013

Halloween Recipie: Easy Halloween Cupcakes

Heyy friends! Halloween's near......

Today...I will be giving out a easy peasy halloween recipe.
Starting with cupcakes will go onto greater recipes...

Spider web cupcakes (or frosted cookies)  are super simple.
Start with a plain frosted cupcake, like this yellow one with salted caramel frosting.
Using a tube of black icing draw a small circle in the centre of the cupcake..Then draw two additional large circles around dosen't need to be perfect as its a spider web.
Gently drag a toothpick from the center of the cupcake to the outside edge to create the web effect. Repeat this several times around the cupcake. Don't forget to use a clean toothpick for each line.

The spider web cupcakes are ready.

Now for the tombstone cupcakes it coudn't get more easier.
Get a normal cupcake again...this time do a chocolate frosting. Use a knife to gently break a graham cracker into quarters. Then write RIP with the same black icing used for web cupcakes! Cut a slit on the top of the cupcake and put in the cracker.
For more variety frost some cupcakes with orange..add sprinkles and write BOO on the crackers :D
Just with few ingredients..yummy halloween cupcakes are ready. Hope you liked it!!! Do wait for another awesome recipe!

Two weeks to go to Halloween :D
Have a great weakend. Bye friends.

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