Friday, 23 August 2013

Monsoon Fashion 2013

Hey friends,today I am gonna write about Monsoon Fashion!
Fashion in the rains?” Yes of course,lets make monsoon more fashionable! ;) Fashion designers and fashionistas follow and invent latest designs and fashion trends now in the rains every year! 
Monsoon 2013 is about lively yet subtle colours. The colours can be
bright pastels such as deep greens, sea colours, deep beige, olive green, light copper, blues, pinks, indigo, peach, light purple and lemon yellow. Options are endless.

Asymmetrical tunics and dresses are a hit this 2013! Vibrant ombre- dyed kaftans are also a great option! Floral prints would be another option for a cloudy day :)

Ditch the flare and flowy summer skirts and go for pencil skirts instead! 
Shorts are  cumpolsary.

Jackets are totally in this season! 

Shoes can make or break your image! Don't be scared,just grab bright and vibrant flip-flops matching your dress.

If not flip-flops,flat pumps will do a great job. As well as gumboots :)

Change your hairstyle with the season, won’t you? 
Monsoon rain can make your hair turn dry and frizzy and dull
 Tie your hair into a chick high ponytail or fishtail braids to look your fashionable best!

 Accessorize in the monsoon season with some bright neon colored water proof bags, raincoats, boots, hats and belts.

Hope you all have an awesome monsoon! :)
At last a picture of my nails-

In pink!

Bye friends!!!


  1. Ooooh, Monsoon Fashion is a lot of fun!

    1. Yes it is! Thanks a lot for liking my post Heather :) :D


  2. Hi Asmita,

    I love this post!

    I nominated you for the elegant blogger award!
    Please check it out:

    Pretty Lilly


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