Wednesday, 27 March 2013

AG Doll Tutoring BY Email #5 and IS BACK!

Hi friends,  AG Doll TUTORING By Email is back:) Anybody who has a AG doll can enroll :) We are gonna have 2 students and 2 teachers! Me and Miss Rose are teachers. My daughter Mckenna and Rose's doll Nikki are students. First I will teach Nikki! Nikki will be taught English,History and art :)

Miss Asmita:Good morning Nikki :)
Nikki-Good morning.
Miss Asmita: Let's start with History.
Nikki- Okay :D

Q1-Who was the first president of United States?
Nikki-George Washington.....?

Q2-Who is the only president in United States of African descent?
Nikki-Umm..Barack Obama?
Q3-Do you like studying History?
Nikki-Sometimes if its not super complicated! ;)
Remarks-You should be more confident with ur answers next time,other wise you did well! You get A+ 

English Class-
Q1-How many parts of speech are there?
Nikki-Is it 8?
Q2-Make a sentence with abstract noun and collective noun!
Nikki-The class read a story about bravery.
Miss Asmita-This is not a right sentence,it should be "A flock of sheep showed bravery infront of the bulls.
Q3-Name 5 adjectives.
Nikki-small,big,tiny,red and purple.
Miss Asmita-Good your class is over,I will take art next class.

Remarks-Good going Nikki you could get A+ but you had one wrong so its A :)

Now Miss Rose will teach Mckenna.
Mckenna-Good morning Miss Rose!
Miss Rose-Good Morning Mckenna,ready to get started?

Q1-What is 4 multiplied 5?
Q2-How many pennies are there in one US dollar?
Miss Rose-The correct answer is 100!
Q3-How many sides does a triangle have?

Miss Rose"You get B+ :)"

Bye Friends,have a good day!!!!


  1. Thanks for posting this. :) Nikki really enjoyed the tutoring.

  2. Your welcome!!! I also enjoyed a lot tutoring Nikki :D


  3. Cool post! God bless! :)


  4. can you help mckenna on Language Arts? on sundays?

    1. Of course Katie :) And thanks for commenting :D-



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